Do You Choose Your Profession Or Does It Choose You?

Do you choose your profession, or does it choose you? Very few people ponder on this question. For many, a job or career is something that just happens. It’s a means to an end. In a capitalist society, we need money to live. And to have money, we need to have a job. Because of the fierce competition in the job market, most just take the first available job. In their minds, they think that a job is only temporary. Then after a few years of months in the post, they start to spend more time at work. They also begin to question their decision.

Most people want to think that they are in control. They would argue that they chose their career. After all, they spent at least four years studying what they are doing right now. But many realize that reality is very much different from what they have envisioned. They become disappointed. What they fail to realize is that they may have been conditioned since they were kids. People may think they have chosen the paths they have taken. But when they look deeply, they discover that their life choices were selected for them by other people: by their parents, teachers, and even people they see on TV and movies.

A recent study conducted on professionals in the United States revealed that two-thirds regret what they have taken in college. But if this is the case, if the majority of people don’t like their present careers, then why do people still stick to their current jobs? Why do they choose to stay in the field they are currently in? For some, it’s most likely the inability to accept that they were not really in control in the first place. Because of pride, they can’t take the fact that somehow they have been duped into being in the field they are in right now. Yes, they don’t want to accept that their careers have chosen them and not the other way around.

So to escape, to get out of an undesirable career is, to be honest. Before you try to be straightforward to other people, start by being honest with yourself first. Admit to yourself that you have made a wrong decision, that you have wasted a significant part of your life on something that does not give you joy and purpose, only through such a level of honesty that you will be able to turn things around. It’s a complicated process, but it must be done. And when you decide to face the situation head-on, there will be a big reward waiting for you on the other hand. In the end, .you will realize that it’s all worth it.

It’s not too late. No one is too old to make a change in his or her life. But you need to decide and take action now. Don’t waste any more time by having doubts about yourself. Keep in mind that it’s never too late to turn your life around. For more, visit our homepage.