How To Deal With Social Media In The Workplace

Some offices have banned the use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms unless you are a social media manager. The reason for that is that it can get very distracting for some of them. Yes, some people would spend a ton of time checking the news feed on their Facebook and not much on the actual work itself. Hence, the productivity of the company has not been so great. Here is how to deal with social media in the workplace:

Avoid Logging In

It would be best to not log on to your social media accounts. In fact, there is a possibility some of your workmates would post on your account for fun. That will certainly happen if you forget to log off. Furthermore, you will prevent that from happening if you don’t log on in the first place. There is always the temptation to log on and check out what your friends have posted but there is always a time and place for everything. Your boss may want you to be as productive as possible when you’re at the office.

Hide from Right People

Before the day starts, better hide your posts from all the people in your office if your company bans the use of social media during office hours. If you don’t, someone may tell the boss that you are breaking the rules and there is no way of finding out who it is. It would be better to just make your posts visible to a certain number of people so you would know who sees it. After that, you will feel confident that nobody in the office would know what you have posted. Yes, it would be better to separate your personal life from office work. It would not be professional to talk about your personal life to colleagues as that is not why they came to work.

Log On During Breaks

There is a reason why everyone is on their phones during break time. A lot of office workers just log on to their social media accounts during lunch break. It is called maximizing the entire one hour break. You know you would want to do that as much as possible before you need to get back to work. If you were not able to reply to someone you were talking to on Facebook messenger, that person would understand when it is office hours. You can just reply to that person when you finally get off work.

In conclusion, social media in the workplace can’t possibly be avoided. One of your workmates can just talk about an article he just saw on his Facebook news feed or a Twitter trending topic and everyone will talk about it in the next few hours. Overall, there is nothing wrong with that since it starts a conversation among colleagues. Just be sure that you are logged on to your social media accounts at the right time so you won’t get drawn into a conversation that may last longer than you originally thought. Visit our site for more latest news.