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Endings and beginnings

“Everything has to come to an end, sometime.” 
― L. Frank BaumThe Marvelous Land of Oz  

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I started the Human Race Horses blog on July 14, 2007.   Since then I have published 1,530 posts of which a few were alright.  This post which is #1531 published on April 20, 2014 will be my last on this blog. Thanks for reading some of the stuff I’ve shared over the years.

“There’s a trick to the ‘graceful exit.’ It begins with the vision to recognize when a job, a life stage, or a relationship is over — and let it go. It means leaving what’s over without denying its validity or its past importance to our lives. It involves a sense of future, a belief that every exit line is an entry, that we are moving up, rather than out.” 
― Ellen Goodman

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be publishing stuff on my new eponymously titled, more brand friendly blog. Http://MichaelVanDervort.com. I hope you’ll join me there.

Where did Human Race Horses come from anyway?

Sometimes the best way to end is at the beginning, so let’s close this thing down the way it started.  Here’s the story behind the name of the blog – How it became the Human Race Horses.

The story: When I was working with Texas Instruments, our Vice President of Human Resources when he told a story about how much he enjoyed calling from Dallas Texas to Versailles….no, not the palace in France, but Versailles, Kentucky, which is pronounced phonetically….Vur Sales. TI owned a facility there and there was a woman who worked in the HR department whose name has faded into my past, but whom Chuck the HR VP loved to hear answer the phone, because he said it always sounded to him like she was saying: “Hello, Human Race Horses, may I help you?” He was sorely disappointed that he never got to see those special race horses run around the track, although he did say that Versailles, like the rest of TI had excellent human workers, and he made do with visiting them.

In the nearly 18 years since I first heard that story, I don’t think the race run by humans at work has slowed down, and in fact, while Chuck the VP is no longer with TI, and the Texas Instruments business I worked for has been transformed fantastically, some things do remain constant. The pace of the race for human capital has increased at just as fast a pace as the levels of technology have within business, and we are at the beginning of another fantastic leap into the future. It may be HR 2.0 or HR 3.0 or just on-going process of change that drives business today, but many techniques and tools we utilize today to hire, train, develop, and retain talent are changing faster than the employees or the HR professionals that support them can assimilate.

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Super Powered Recruiting Tools

Super Powers Logo
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Job Search Super Powers

The two tools briefly described below were profiled in my first post on Recruiting Tools.  Starting this month, I’ll be posting a featured article there twice a month, on the 5th and the 21st of each month.   I hope you will take a look at the whole article over there, when you are done here.

One of the major benefits of using social media in a job search is that it allows you to build a bigger network of connections.  Given the reach of social media, the size of these networks can grow large in size, requiring powers far beyond those of mortal men to manage.

Fortunately, you can now download super-powers off the Interwebs.   These super-powers are now called apps.

Here are a couple of apps that will help you crank up  your networking super-powers:

  • Jobkatch is a social CRM, now in open beta that allows you to add a bookmarklet tool to your browser that registers your job leads to JobKatch from any other web site.
  • Hashable is a tool (still in private beta) that uses the power of Twitter to make professional introductions in three simple ways, through Twitter, email, or its website.

Pretty cool tools to add to your job search arsenal!   If you know any other  cool tools I should be looking at, mention them the comments!
This post was written by Michael VanDervort for Recruiting Tools .  Michael writes on human resources, labor relations, and social media issues at the Human Race Horses Blog.  He also walks dogs.

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An Amazing Assemblage of Ideas for Human Resources

Asking great questions leads to great results

Chris Ferdinandi of Renegade HR asked me a pair of great questions a couple of weeks ago.

The first question was:  “Would you like to be part of an e-Book I am putting together?”    My answer was affirmative.

The second question was:

What one thing can you can do to become a better HR pro in 2010?’

My short answer to this question was stop practice preventive human resources, and start practicing bold HR.  You can my complete thoughts, along with 11 other HR thought leaders by downloading the book.   Check out the information after the jump!

Do Amazing Things is a collection of short, actionable ideas – things you can do this year to become a better HR professional.

Sponsored by Renegade HR and created in partnership with 12 of HR’s leading thinkers, you’ll find ideas on collaboration and innovation, recruiting, networking, performance management and more!

Click Here to Download Do Amazing Things

(This book requires Adobe Reader, which you can download free at Adobe.com.)

The Authors

Click Here to Download Do Amazing Things

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Jobs are a love-hate relationship

Image by mikecolvin82 via Flickr

People like to complain about Work

As many of you know, I switched the URL site for this blog from here last August.  I imported all the posts and everything, but I never took down the old site.  I still average about 10 -15 hits a day to that site, driven primarily by search traffic, or the occassional misuse of the old URL hat I can’t seem to correct like here.   I decided it would be fun to take a look at what people were finding there.  The most searched terms are “I hate my job“, glassdoor, and jobvent.  Go figure!

This was also earlier this year when I posted on job complaint sites over on the old site in the post below:

Jobs: You can’t live with them

But can we survive without them?
One of the most popular searches by readers of Human Race Horses is job rating sites like JobVent or GlassDoor. There are other such as Telonu, RateMyEmployer (specializing in Canadian companies), LookBeforeYou Leap, and even Vault (click on Companies). So if you hate your job, check out these sites.

How I got my Job

On the other hand, if you love your job, or just want to hear success stories from people who landed jobs they love, you might want to listen to the podcast called How I Got My Job. This podcast presents job-hunting success stories in an interview format. The program runs about 20 minutes and comes out weekly. It is created by Daniel Johnston Jr.

Dan describes the podcast as being “like Inside the Actor’s Studio, but for job searching instead of acting.”

Love your job or hate it, they tend to comprise a large portion of our lives and our self-identity. We like to talk about them, bitch about them, and generally obsess about them.

Here are the employers that people are currently loving and hating on JobVent.  (May 27, 2009)
I Love My Job

  1. Teavana
  2. PayChex
  3. Presidio Networked Solutions
  4. Armani Exchange
  5. L & L Products
  6. inkstop
  7. Boeing
  8. MetLife
  9. Asurion
  10. ACR Homes
  1. Digital Juice
  2. Journal Register Company (JRC)
  3. Boston Scientific
  4. Staffing Plus
  5. Olan Mills
  6. IQPC
  7. Zep Manufacturing
  8. Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
  9. Toys “R” Us
  10. Meijer

Glassdoor Top 50 Best Places to Work for 2010

And bringing us back  around to year end 2009,  here is the Glassdoor Top 50 employers list of 2010

Note: All ratings are as of December 1, 2009

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Beyond the HR Breakfast Club!

 Breakfast Club for BloggersSocial Media Extravanganza

  The head content dude here at Human Race Horses spent a busy week at conferences last week, live blogging, speaking, being interviewed on video, and being profiled on blogs.  

I need to be careful or people may actually start paying attention to what I say!

Links to Human Race Horses in the media

Thanks to Christina Tierney of Bernard Hodes aka TwittGoddess  for taking the time to get my thoughts on staying engaged in your career.  Check it out here.

Trish McFarland at HR Ringleader profiled me on her blog.  Check it out here.

Jobing.comwas kind enough to provide video and photography services to Hr Florida.  Check out their 1500+ pics of the event on Flickr here.

Kris Dunn wrote about the Breakfast Club for Bloggers.

Jessica Lee wrote about the twitter starter pack for HR professionals, including me!

I was duly honored to be named HR Hero of the Week by Laurie Ruettiman for hosting a bad-ass mofo tweetup.  Of course, I bribed her by buying her a Peartini!

And I got a pile of traffic to the new of HRH which was designed and set up for me by none other than Michael Long, aka The Red Recruiter.

Enjoy those, and much more!