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The one where I interview Chris Brogan about HR Florida and his new book

Chris Brogan is a lot of things, including an HR Conference Speaker

I didn’t go to the HR Florida State Conference in 2013. Work projects and all sorts of other stuff broke my 5 year streak. I survived the loss, although just barely. It’s always a terrific event because HR Florida always goes big, especially on their keynote speakers. I was especially pleased to see that the keynote speakers this year were going to be Jon Favreau and Chris Brogan.

I’ve been connected to Chris via various social media platforms for years. I’ve seen him speak in small venues, and had a chance to briefly meet him a couple of times. He shares his work and ideas in a a very humble and personal manner, and he really is a nice guy.

I reached out to him when I saw he was speaking in my home state, and asked if I could interview him, He was nice enough to agree, and you can see my questions and his answer below. On the very, very off chance you don’t know Chris, I am also including his bio from the HR Florida Conference page.

CHRIS BROGAN, CEO & President, Human Business Works

Human Business Works is an education publishing and media company dedicated to helping professionals work better, do the work they want, and to be brave. Chris is the New York times bestselling co-author of The Impact Equation, and a sought-after professional keynote speaker.

Michael: You aren’t an HR person, but you have a deep interest in the idea of Human Business. Explain: A) What is human business? and B) How did you find your way to the concept?

Chris: The idea of human business is that it’s sustainable, relationship-minded business. I believe that we’re at the crux of a very huge revolution. When we left the cottage/farm era and went industrial, we pushed too far. We now have the tools and desire to go really deep and really custom and really personalized with our businesses. This is going to require new tools and new mindsets. That’s what I’m all about.

Michael: You are a prolific communicator, but most recently a magazine publisher – explain Owner and what you hope to accomplish there.

Chris: Owner magazine is what I’ve thrown all my hopes into. It’s a how-to business magazine to provide the curriculum for the future. What would I like to accomplish? World domination.

Michael: You are also an author with a new book coming out on March 17th called The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth – (haven’t we done that already?). Where did the idea for the book come from, and why this topic?

Chris: The idea follows answer 1 and 2. Basically, we’ve been told forever that weirdos have to fit in. I say no. They have to find their like-minded weirdos and serve them well. That’s the book. Entrepreneurship for misfits.

Michael: You are what is often referred to as “a highly sought after keynote speaker”, and you’ll be speaking to a group which I am part of – HR Florida this year. Do you know what your topic for the HR Florida Conference is about yet?

Chris: My topic will be about the owner’s mind, essentially. In the old days, hiring was a cog-filling job. First, no one wants to be a cog any longer. Second, businesses can’t succeed with order-takers. They need leaders and owners at all levels. I’ll help frame this plus provide clues as to how one might better recruit and retain such talent.

Michael: What’s the best Brogan tip for speakers or wanna-be’s?

Chris: Be helpful. Be brief. Be funny as all get out. Be unique in your choices.

Michael: Finally, where will Chris Brogan be in five years?

Chris: Where I always am: directly in front of a raft of changes that I hope to explore and then educate others about

Amen bro, amen…..

My Farewell Speech to HR Florida (the other IMPORTANT part)

The HR Florida Wrap, hold the lettuce and mayo

Skylight shot
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I started writing this little farewell ditty to my role at HR Florida a few days ago.  I talk too much, and ran out of room to get it done on one post.  Then I ran out of time to get it done over the weekend.  So I’m doing it now, just before leaving for ERE Expo in Hollywood, Florida.

As I said the other day, this is my “I won the Oscar and now I have to say something” speech.  I have some thank yous to give out, some love to share, and even a small call to action or cause to share with you.  I already did the thank you part.  Here comes the love and call to action.

SHRM Volunteer leadership roles offer a bully pulpit

Over the past four years, I have been able to accomplish several things that I felt were very important to improving the HR profession.  I owe much of that to the voice that being a part of HR Florida provided to me.  Leading the social technology team allowed me to:

  • bring together and work with some of the leading thinkers in the social HR space, and share their thoughts with my colleagues here in Florida.
  • offer speaking opportunities at the state level to practitioners who typically don’t present to large state groups, if at all.
  • build a network of HR professionals across the state of Florida and beyond.

The single most important thing that working at HR Florida has provided to me is the opportunity to share the efforts and knowledge on using social media as part of a state chapter conference experience with other chapters, including Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, and Louisiana.   It’s really driven a change in these events as well as our own, and it’s still growing.   I didn’t do this alone, but I’m proud to have been a part of it.

Calls to Action

So here’s the call to action part.  It’s a two fold challenge – one for individuals, and one for the HR profession.  I think they link together.

If you have never been an HR conference volunteer leader, find the time and go do it for at least one year.  The returns are well worth the  work you will put in.

Finally, the big challenge for HR Florida, and my friends at all the other conferences who have been thinking out on the edge comes out of a discussion I had with one of the members of the social tech team at HR Florida, Amanda Hite.

Amanda Hite, @sexythinker on Twitter, is a paradigm-buster that will inspire you to drastically change the way you think and behave. I’ve known Amanda for several years, and she does big things. She makes big things happen.

Her question to me was this something like this.

“You’ve got all these smart people together here for several days.  Where’s the movement? What’s the big thing you guys are trying to do?”

I didn’t have a really great answer for that one.   What is the really big mission of an HR conference?  Networking? Recharge and refresh your business knowledge and skills? Get some recert credits?  Have some fun?  Nothing wrong with any of those, right?

I still found myself lacking an answer for Amanda, and that brings me to my own final challenge, for myself and for HR Florida, and all the other HR conferences striving to do great things.

What can we do to think even bigger, and bring a real purpose to our events? How can we create a new movement within the HR profession?  #BeTheChange

I’m going to go and get started on finding out.  Thanks!


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This ain’t no social media Hogwarts, kids

Hogwarts at Universal Studios
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Learn about social media for HR from HR pros

This ain’t no Hogwarts. It ain’t even magical. It is in Orlando, and it’s pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself!  (and I just did)

If you are attending the 2011 HR Florida state conference, here is something you might want to get in on.

HR Florida is offering a pre-conference workshop on social media for HR practitioners who want to get up to speed on using these tools in the workplace.   There are two sessions available, for beginners and more advanced users, or you can attend the all day session and leave with everything you need to get started.

This session is a rare opportunity to learn about how to use social media in the HR profession from HR professionals who are putting these tools to work every day.   The instructors are Kris Dunn, Ben Eubanks, Bryan Wempen, and myself.  We may even have some special guests!

The cost for this pre-con session is very reasonable at just $95 for each session or $179 for both sessions.   You can register here.

HR Florida Social Media Academy

Session One (9:00 am – 12:00 pm)

An introduction to social media (no social media experience required)

The Social Media Academy – session one experience will include a basic overview of the major social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, including creation of your own personal accounts; hands on demonstrations of these platforms, and instruction of how these tools can be put to work in your HR office immediately. We will show you how to find experts and HR professionals in the blogosphere, and leverage these connections to build strong professional connections, and tap into their knowledge and expertise. You will also receive a “starter kit” of resources to help you easily build your on-line social network.

Key Take-aways:
  1. Upon completing this session, attendees will have a basic understanding of the key social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and understand how to leverage these tools as part of their professional toolkit.
  2. Upon completing this session, attendees understand how to effectively navigate the “blogosphere’, and how social media tools can be put to work in the workplace for professional networking, HR knowledge building, and leveraging the expertise of social media connections.
  3. Upon completing this session, attendees will possess an understanding of social media that will allow them to provide advice and guidance to management on this developing workplace issue. Increasingly HR professionals are called upon to develop social media policy and practice, or investigate employee issues arising out of this rapidly developing area.

Session Two (1:00 pm – 4 pm)

Putting social media to work on the job (requires a basic understanding of social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)

The Social Media Academy – session two experience will include demonstrations of how these tools can be put to work in your HR office immediately. Specific topics covered will include successful social media policy and practices, using social media for brand monitoring and protection, social media recruiting, and putting the power of “real time” information to work.

Key Take-aways:
  1. Increasingly HR professionals are called upon to develop social media policy and practice, or investigate employee issues arising out of this rapidly developing area. Upon completing this session, attendees will understand the best practices of social media, including developing issues and trends related to the development of social media policies in the workplace, and conducting reviews and investigations related to social media activity by employees.
  2. Upon completing this session, attendees will know how to use social media for the monitoring and protection of their personal and corporate brand, including research tips and resources for conducting “real-time” research.
  3. Upon completion of this session, attendees will be equipped to begin using social media tools to implement specific strategic workplace initiatives taking advantage of these tools, including recruiting, recognition, and employee engagement.


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Worth the read: Wempen and Milian on HR

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HR social technology team profiled on HR Florida blog

Head over to the excellent blog from the HR Florida state chapter, HR Mouth of the South and check out the profiles for members of the HR Florida social technology team.   Check out the featured profiles and 5 questions for Bryan Wempen and Victorio Milian, and their answers.   You will be able to hear from Franny Oxford, Kris Dunn, Joni Doolin, and Ben Eubanks in the coming weeks.

Be sure to follow the tweets of the entire social tech team from HR Florida by using the #HRFL11 hashtag.

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The “Human Cliffs Notes” of Leadership

John Spence is a leadership consultant you should know

One of my favorite speakers at HR Florida the past two years has been John Spence.  John is professional speaker with a deep expertise in leadership.  He is also one of the most prolific readers of leadership books that you will ever encounter.   He also acts as an interim CEO from time to time.  He lives in Gainesville, Florida.   If he isn’t on your radar yet, he should be!  If you want to know anything about a leadership book, you can check it out at John’s web site.  If you know a good leadership book, he says he is always looking for recommendations.

Either way, you should see the site, check out this slide deck, and definitely follow him on Twitter.  He wrote a pretty good book  called Awesomely Simple too!

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The SHIFT has hit the fan

Weird (Hanson song)
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Social Media Thoughts from HR Florida

MMMBOPP! by Hanson?

No, not that Hanson – Michael Hanson.

Michael Hanson of Jobs2Web gave this presentation on the Social Recruiting experience at the 2010 HR Florida State conference.   Check out what he has to say about how the Shift has hit the fan.

Here are a couple of hints:

  • Recruiting has become incredibly complex.
  • The job search experience SUCKS!
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Aperitifs and digestifs: After the dessert bar

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HR Florida Roundup Part Deux

This is going to be mostly random, because it is labor day weekend and I am working madly on a project, rather than picnicking or walking on the beach.

Speakers and Presentations

China Gorman was the keynote speaker for day two. China is a friend of mine, and this was actually the first time I got to see her speak.  Steve Harrison of HR Why wrote a really great piece about China and her involvement at the conference.  He called it Authentic Engagement, and that is exactly what you get with China.  She spoke at a SHRM student event about why it is important that students join SHRM as part of their career development. She attended the Monster Social Tweetup.  She paid to attend a pre-conference session on social media tought by William Tincup, hoping to learn some tricks to leverage social media in her job search.  She is the real deal, and it was great to see her relaxed and mingling.

Dave Ulrich presented a new session on HR Leadership and customers.  I was in and out of the room a lot, setting up signs, doing conference business, and fetching coffee for needy friends, but he talked about a lot about getting out and spending time with customers.  One idea he brought up I thought was great, giving a small portion of discretionary compensation to really important customers and let them use it to reward your employees who do the best job for them.

My personal find for the conference was actually someone I have known on Twitter and blogs for quite  while, Cathie Missildine-Martin.  She was one of the speaker, and gave a very engaging talk about companies who use a new mission statement to transform their organization, and drive their culture.  She has a great mind for human capital issues, and is fun to boot!


There are 14,000 or so members of HR Florida.  There were 1,420 attendees at the 2010 state conference, and according to BlastFollow, 148 Twitter followers of the #HRFL10 hashtag used to identify the conference tweets.  There is absolutely no way to find any correlation in these numbers, but at face value, they suggest the following.   Ten percent (1,400) of the membership  of HR Florida attended their annual state conference.  Of the 1,400 attendees,  less than 10% (148) were using Twitter while at the conference.   The percentage actually break down a  bit, since many conferences attendees were from outside Florida, and many twitter contributors were actually following the conference remotely.

It looks like a 100/10/10 rule, but there is no way to gauge significance without better data.  I just thought it made an interesting, if slightly less than useful observation.

Getting Social Media Training for HR

In the first part of this roundup, I wrote about the growing level of interest that was noticeably obvious at the conference.  HR people are getting that they need to understand social media better.   They are struggling to understand it in terms of tools, policy and strategy.    I am working on something to help with that.  Look for an announcement on this soon!

Carol McDaniel

I want to wrap up with a personal thanks to Carol McDaniel, who is the outgoing HR Florida Conference chair.  Carol did wonderful things with the HR Florida conference, and will continue to be a part of the HR Florida state leadership, but she deserves special thanks for everything she has done to elevate the conference experience for all of us in Florida.  Carol was the very first person I ever networked with when I moved to Florida in 2003, and she has helped me out numerous times over the years since.

Thanks for everything you do, Carol, and I look forward to working with you on the next thing!

Happy Labor Day weekend here in the U.S.!

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HR Social Media 2.0 – the future is here now

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HR Social Media 2.0

Mark today down in your calendars.   Today is the day that HR Social Media 2.0 takes flight!

What is HR Social Media 2.0?    Officially, it is just a term I am using to mark a transition point.  Seriously, it is something that has been coming together for a while now.  I was thinking about this last week when I wrote about social media fatigue.    The shine has come off of social media for those of us in the HR space who have been early adopters.   We are shifting the way we are spending our time and the way we are utilizing social media tools.    This shift seems to be going in two directions.

Some people are cutting back on social media

Paul Hebert shared his thoughts on this yesterday in a post on his blog.    Using a “Brokeback Mountain” anaology, Paul shares that while he still loves social media and its benefits, he needs to take a step back from an intense relationship, and reevaluate how he feels about social media right now.  You really should read the entire post, but here is the gist of it in Paul’s own words.

Unfortunately, like our real-life relationships – we don’t stay in our drugged state forever.  We slowly begin to come out of the endorphin rush and one day we wake up and wonder who really is in our technology bed.  I’m at that point now.  I love you social media – but I’m not “in” love with you.

Paul outlines a personal strategy of “cutting back” on social media by pruning his twitter followers, reducing some blog feeds from his Reader,  and leaving LinkedIn groups that aren’t any benefit to him.  This seems to be the approach of many people I talk to are taking.   Not leaving all together, but ratcheting back their level of participation to something that works for them.  It is reasonable, and it makes sense for many.

HR Social Media 2.0 is a quiet revolution

The other direction that some people in the HR and social media is to try and take the use of the tools and their own level of personal investment to the next level.  This is happening before our eyes on several levels.   This is probably more of an evolution than it is a revolution, but it is still palpable and exciting.

Over the past several months, many people have obtained new positions or launched new businesses models in the HR social media space.  This list is not intended to be comprehensive, but I am talking about people like Lance  Haun, John Hollon, and Amy Beth Hale, all of them with ERE.  HR practitioners like Jennifer McClure and  Jessica Miller-Merrell are newly minted solopreneurs running their own practice wrapped around HR and social media.  Larger businesses like People Report and  Talent Revolution are doing amazingly cool work in the restaurant service sector, using social media tools as a central piece of their delivery strategy.

Yesterday, in what might be the most ambitious pure social media play in the HR space to date, Laurie Ruettimann, and Mark and Yasha Stelzner announced the formation of a new business venture called New Media Services LLC.   New Media Services is intended to be  “the single destination for comprehensive virtual, digital, and social media strategies for the career and HR industries”.  They also announced one of their services, Voice of HR.   More on that in a moment.

Our professional associations are also making serious moves to adopting social media.    SHRM has hired Curtis Midkiff to oversee their social media efforts, including the blogging squad at the 2010 conference.  At least two state chapters now have social media directors as part of their organizational structure, Illinois with Dave Ryan, and my own HR Florida with Stephen Harrison.

Next week, I will be attending the Illinois State Conference on 8/2 and 8/3 as a member of their on-site social media team along with Curtis from SHRM,  along with Trish McFarlane, Sarah White, and Charee Klimek, all of whom do great work in the HR/social media space.  I am looking forward to attending #ILSHRM10, and being a part of the program.  The Illinois state HR association, including John Jorgenson deserve praise for their leadership and forward thinking in this area.  I look forward to being a part of these strategic efforts by the Illinois SRM group!

Finally, I am going to close by quoting from an announcement that came out today from my own state chapter, HR Florida and a new business unit belonging to Laurie and Stelzner, Voice of HR.  Other chapters are doing cool things, but I think HR Florida is emerging as the state leader in the use of social media as part of the conference experience.  Here is the quote, and a cuple of other small things that we are doing.

HR Florida partners with Voice of  HR, Monster

From a press release today, The HR Florida State Council, which represents over 14,000 individual HR members, has partnered with Voice of HR to provide social media services to the 2010 HR Florida State Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida.

And this was released on Twitter yesterday by State Conference Carol McDaniel,  “Monster’s in the house for #HRFL10!  Stay tuned for details on the Monster Social at http://is.gd/dPbbM!”.  There will be some special guests including China Gorman and Laurie Ruettimann, and a lot of Monster Social kicking at this tweetup event.!

We also have assembled an awesome blog squad / expert panel  of our own, including Trish McFarlane, William Tincup, Mark Stelzner, Franny Oxford, and Steve Boese.

This is what HR  Social Media 2.0 is going to look like.   People using the tools to build businesses, to do the work, and  to enrich and extend learning opportunities.   I’m sure we will see much more coming, but remember, today is the day that HR Social Media 2.0 takes flight!

That future is here right now!    If you want to hear more about all this, tune into the HR Happy Hour for episode 56, the HR Florida preview in just about an hour!  (7/28/2010)

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Talking Twitter

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Twitter is the coolest thing ever invented!

Here is a short video of me talking about “What is Twitter?” at the 2009 HR Florida State  Conference.  The filming and editing was done by Jobing.  I was interviewed by Brett Farmiloe of Jobing.

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