About Michael VanDervort

Exploring human resources, labor and employee relations and social media through the mind of a tech savvy boomer

An HR practitioner for over 25 years, Michael VanDervort is focused on helping companies and clients in building thriving workplaces driven by positive associate relations.  

 Michael is also a volunteer leader at SHRM, currently serving a term on their Special Expertise panel on Labor Relations. Michael is an accomplished social media user, and led the team responsible for the initial social media implementation at Publix Super Markets. Michael frequently speaks and writes on HR topics related labor and employees relations, positive workplace leadership and social media. You can contact him at michael.vandervort@gmail.com.

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13 thoughts on “About Michael VanDervort

  1. Good morning. Google says that you are in the top 10 of HR Bloggers – Well done.

    We are a training provider. Just written 3 Guides for HR Managers on training. Each Guide is about 5,000 words/20 pages.

    Would you be interested in featuring these Guides on your blog, in return for an external follow link to my website?

    An example of a Guide is http://d.pr/f/15X6l . Please do not share this Guide until we have made an agreement.

    Thank you in advance.

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