Who’s afraid of social media? Not today’s business professional! #NoFearHR

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Hey Jay – It’s been a while since we last talked social media and #NoFearHR.  I don’t know about you, but I’m glad the third quarter of 2012 is behind us. I had a lot going on, including a number of conferences and speaking events.  In fact, I just did the last event of this quarter on Thursday last week.

It probably won’t surprise you that I gave a presentation on social media.  I presented a talk entitled Social Media: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly to members of  the Polk Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics Association right here in Lakeland, Florida.   It went really well, but it’s going to be the last time I give this presentation.

Jay, it seems like for the last few years, we have been telling business people that it’s time to get with the program when it comes to social media.  I’m happy to say that after this last meeting, I think it’s time to take that conversation to the next level.   This PMA audience was a diverse business group consisting of professionals from a variety of disciplines and organizations, and they didn’t need me to tell them they need to understand social media.  They were already there.

The Q&A portion of my presentation was about 30 minutes long, and they were peppering me with questions, Jay.  These were pointed questions.  Not the old stuff about which platform should I start with.  These were strategic questions, and questions about specific tactical ideas.  It was cool.

Stuff like:

  • How would you recommend I use social media to advance the business tools my organization offers to the local business community?
  • How can I use Foursquare as a tool to share knowledge with the people who visit the museum where I work?
  • Do you have suggestions on ideas for writing strong content for our Facebook page?

Those questions sound to me like they fit into the kind of social media conversation that business professionals should be having every day, Jay.

I’d love to hear what you think!

The #NoFearHR project is a project to assist business professionals who want to know more about how to put social media tools to work in a meaningful way. Content is provided by Jay Kuhns and Michael VanDervort.  You can find links to the rest of the ongoing conversation here.


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