Social Media Ghost Hunters: Skip the ghost town and go hyper-local social

Twitter is a ghost town

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Earlier this week, Robert Scoble declared that to him, Twitter feels a lot like a ghost town.    I agree with him, kinda sorta.

Here’s what Scoble actually said:

“Seriously, I know Twitter’s not a ghost town, but it sure feels like that because of the usage model there,” Scoble said in a post on Google+. “As it has turned into more of an “information utility” and less of a community it feels more and more empty.”

Scoble’s comment about Twitter becoming more of an information utility is totally on-point for me, especially in the past year or so.   When I first joined Twitter in 2007, I couldn’t wait to get on every morning to see what kind of conversations I had missed.  It was  like a cocktail party that never ended, except you didn’t have to brush your teeth or put on clothes to get in on the action.

How I consume social

Five years later, Twitter is kind of like my CNN network news.  I don’t turn on the tv to check sports action, or see what happened over night.  I check Twitter via Flipboard on my iPad.

If I want to get the party vibe going, I go to Facebook.  Sad it is to say it, Facebook has become the new water cooler. I guess the fact that you can actually type several coherent sentences at one time makes it easier to communicate in groups and share ideas and information.

My high tech friends and some of the geekier HR peeps I know tell me that Google+ is the place to be for more in-depth and meaningful conversations, but I haven’t bridged that gap yet.

Pinterest has already fallen off my radar.   A couple of social curation sites are becoming relevant again because they make it easy to find information I want to consume.   I love Instagram for sheer fun.  None of these are really communities in the way that Twitter used to be.

Take small bites of social and chew longer on every byte

If you want to get professional value from an intimate community, you have to get hyper-local in your use of social media platforms.   You have to dig into the Twitter chats.  You have to participate actively in the LinkedIn groups that fit your niche and deliver value.   Select the place that you feel will provide value. and work the virtual communities for all they are worth.

Hyper-local social is the wave of the future.


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