Interested in Pinterest? Why you may want to be there.

Pinterest is hot

“Is Pinterest the ‘next big thing’ in social media?” asks Don Reisinger on CNET.   It certainly looks like based on the hype going around, and numbers don’t usually lie either.   I have a few beta invites if anyone wants one, just send me your email.

From CNET:

Late last month, Experian Hitwise, a company that monitors consumer behavior on the Web, reported that Pinterest had 11 million visits during the week ended December 17, jumping 4,000 percent compared with six months earlier. The massive bump catapulted Pinterest to the 10th spot in Experian’s listing of the most popular social networks, just behind Yelp. Experian also discovered that Pinterest has found a loyal following in women. In the past three months, women have accounted for 58 percent of its userbase, and nearly 60 percent of those women are between the ages of 25 and 44. Opinions are mixed over why Pinterest has been able to attract such a large audience.

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