HR Carnival: Changing of the seasons

 Carnival of HR is open

Summer is gone. Fall (or Autumn, to be technical) is here.  People in Florida are looking forward to the cooler weather that comes with the change of seasons.  For other parts of the country, it won’t be long before the snow starts falling.   Perhaps you can tell that I have nothing profound to say today, since I started this post by talking about the weather.    Fortunately for me, I have lots of friends who have plenty to say, so let’s get on with the show as the Carnival of HR returns to Human Race Horses.

I asked people to contribute a piece about change in the workplace since it is in keeping with the changing seasons.

The changing seasons of HR

Our first sapling of change comes to us from the United Kingdom from our long time friend Jon Ingham who sends end us a post about OD and the Borg.   You know this story right?  Resistance is futile.  You will be assimilated.

I also asked that everyone suggest a song to go with their posts. Not all of you did, but here is the one Jon suggests goes well with his post: (NSFW)

Abhishek Mittal sends his personal greetings from sunny Singapore, and his blog post review of the book “Transformative HR” by Professor John Boudreau (Marshall School of Business) and Ravin Jesuthasan (Global Practice Lead for Talent Management, Towers Watson).

The always awesome Wally Bock delivers two, two posts in one carnival with his take on Three Ways to Avoid Performance Management which points out that lots of bosses hate performance management, and offers three strategies for avoiding them altogether.  Wally also sends along  Learning for Competitive Advantage in the Knowledge Economy.

Melanie Sklarz from Respectful Workplace brings us some very fresh change, using the big changes we just saw from Facebook to show how we can do a better job creating respect in the workplace.
HR Florida speaking luminary Dwane Lay passes along something that maybe doesn’t fit the suggested theme, but turns out to be a great story with “Redemption Song“.   (It’s got hockey too for the HR puckheads living among us!)
From Ian Welsh, we get a Bob Dylan song entitled post about the search for success and the times they are a-changin.  Rock on, Ian!
We are fortunate to get a visit from Switzerland in the form of Evil HR lady to tells us Why It Doesn’t Matter That Your Coworker Makes More Money Than You Do.  Consider yourselves schooled kids, and put on some Weird Al to ease the pain: Weird Al’s Money for Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies.
Dan Crosby from Incblot goes all shrink on us with his post Change management: the psychology of change.  He also follows instructions well, sending along this musical interlude for your consideration:

Laura Schroeder regales us with her thoughts on how the traditional resume is changing.  Need a clue?  Think video killed the radio star!

Alison Chisnell combines song and HR insight with the aptly titled “Baby, you can drive my car just a little bit faster

Another HR puckhead checks in with his own take on Leadership by Jay Kuhns

and last but not least, let’s see what the elephants in the room has to say about experiencing stress creep at work.  Well, it’s actually Lynn Dessert who said it, but you get the point…

Oh, and I wrote something about a change in HR posting requirements that just became effective via the NLRB.
My thanks to everyone who contributed!  See you again next year!


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