HR Carnival to aid Haiti: Do a little research!

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What can we do to help right now in Haiti?

On January 27th, I will be featuring a special edition of the HR Carnival intended to provide assistance in Haiti.  You can help.   I am not asking for your money this time, just that you do a little research.    Details can be found below.  Chris Brogan has agreed to help out.  Can I count on you?

Here is a challenge for human resources professionals who blog or who are web savvy.

Let’s use the HR Carnival format to help focus donations to the most immediate needs in Haiti.

It may sound crazy, but here is how we could make that happen.

  1. Select a charity that is soliciting donations for aid in Haiti
  2. Apply your HR and social media skills by doing a “back ground check” on that organization.  Here is a great place to start your research.
  3. Write up your findings, positive or negative, and post them on your blog no later than January 26th.
  4. Send me your links, and I will aggregate them into a special HR Car­nival for Haiti here on January 27th.  Send the link information to me at

If you don’t want to do some investigation and recommendation, profile a charity  anyway, or share your thoughts on what else people can do to aid the situation in Haiti.

Personally, I am going to do a profile of Doctors without Borders.

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