My 3 Words for this year

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Welcome to 2010

A blue moon.  A new year.  A new decade.

Has there been a time in our lives where so many people seem so anxious for the promise of a fresh start?   The economic bumps and bruises of the last couple of years have taken their toll on many, and will continue to do so.   We will all face personal challenges going forward to into the new decade.    Now is the time most people do personal planning and set goals, or establish resolutions.

How will you establish yours?  I am going to follow the method used by Chris Brogan.   He explains the process in his blog post from today:

Setting goals is what January 1st is all about. Over the last few years, I’ve practiced something I call “my 3 words,” where I come up with three words that I use as guidance for how I should conduct my efforts in the year to come. I set goals around these three words. I build deadlines and projects around these words. They don’t have to mean anything to you, but the process might prove interesting to you, especially if you’ve found goal-setting difficult in the past.

My Three Words


I have been actively involved in changing large parts of my life over the past 18 months.  Some of this has been personal, and some professional.  I don’t want to go into specifics here, but I do want this process to continue.  Areas of particular emphasis will likely include career, writing, relationships, and health.


I want to work on improving the human resources field as a whole, continue to emphasize the use of social media as an HR tool, and to try to enhance interaction on HR professionals internationally.  I also plan on spending time in some other community spaces during 2010.


This is all about health, balancing work and life, and just generally being a holistic person.

How are you setting your goals for 2010 and beyond?

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  1. I’ve just realized that focusing on a few major areas in your life is so much better than trying to implement a ‘New Years Resolution’. I think your post will inspire many others to drill down to the basics, focus on key areas (professionally and personally), and then enjoy the positive results

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